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Listen To A Story

June 27, 2018


Two words: Youth Week! To me, it feels like there needs to be a hundred exclamation points behind those two words. I have the incredible honor of teaching, or bringing the sermon, each night of Youth Week during the worship gathering (affectionately referred to as Club). This is pure joy and it feels like a tremendous gift to me.

Picture over three hundred youth packed into a barn, that is a large metal box which typically holds farm animals, and these youth are singing and dancing and hollering so much love to the Architect of the universe, and you not only have a glimpse of Youth Week but you also have a glimpse of heaven. Stunning. This is my view from the stage for a sliver of time in the midst of a massive week of worship. And then there is the serving, where you have these three hundred plus youth partnering with God to bring heaven to earth for a number of organizations and businesses in the greater Grand Rapids area. Seriously, this is the church the world desperately needs and it’s found in the brilliance of Youth Week. Seek out at least one person who has either attended or volunteered with Youth Week, then invite them to tell you stories of how it has impacted their life. You will be handed a fantastic gift.

And that’s it, because a library of words on the screen, or paper, will never capture the heart and movement that is formed from this one week with these few hundred teens. You have to hear it and experience it, so please seek someone out and listen to them share how heaven crashes into earth. It’s ok, you are due a coffee break right now, so go!

Grace and Peace my friends,

Wally Harrison