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You Make God Smile

June 12, 2018


If you look at my Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see that just about every other post is either a picture or video of my son. And I think that it’s time for me to admit something to the world…I am an “Insta-Dad” (definition: a dad who posts way too many pictures/videos of their kids).

I became a dad almost 7 months ago. And since then, an already “sappy” guy, started to become a softy on a much deeper level. My son is helping me see things that I’ve never seen.

I had a moment of self-pity and insecurity the other day. Because I, like many people, can slip into my own version of perfectionism, which can lead to self-doubt, insecurity, etc.  

But in my moment of insecurity, I thought about my boy. I thought about how big he smiles when he sees me. I thought about how much I love when he says “da-da” (although he doesn’t know what it really means because he says da-da when he sees my wife too haha).

His simple smile communicates something so powerful to me though. In the innocence of his love, he doesn’t see the insecurities or imperfections that I have. When he looks at me with that squirmish smile, he only sees a person that he loves uncontrollably.

We often talk about God’s fatherly love around Father’s Day. For me, this analogy works well because I have an amazing dad. For others, I understand that the idea of fatherly-love is more complicated. So let me offer an additional love-analogy that may be helpful.

What if God’s love is more childish than we think? What if His love looks like my son’s smile to me? God promises that our sins are forgiven in Christ and forgotten “as far as the east is from the west” (Prov. 103:12). So what if God’s love also feels like the simple and uncomplicated smile from a child. I choose to believe that.

When God sees you, he’s not thinking of a checklist of your flaws, but He just simply loves you. He’s thinking of the design of you; the things that make you uniquely His. He wants you to know His joy. He can’t wait for you to come closer so that His love can wear off on you.

So take joy today and let go of guilt, because you make God smile.

Your heavenly brother,

Jordan Stonehouse