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The Story from Word to Way

May 8, 2018


I have the great privilege of serving the community of Walker, with a central focus on reminding people that their story matters.

Your story matters.

Because our stories are a tangible gift of the Divine. Our stories are dynamic, not static, which is to say they are endlessly unfolding. What we believe is found less in what we say, but more in how we live. This is the dynamic movement of Word to Way. This has always been the movement and drive of the Grand story, the story of Scripture. And so it is with you and me.

At Walker Harbor we have utilized the teaching series, Secret Lives, to engage in the stories of the people who are Walker Harbor Church. We have listened as people have shared stories filled with abuse, addiction, death, and immense heartbreak. And yet, each of the stories has been engulfed by restoration, forgiveness, love, and the brilliant dance of joy in the midst of, and on the other side of suffering.

The undeniable move of Grace into Peace. We have witnessed the move from Word to Way.

Just so we’re crystal clear, this hasn’t been people talking about beliefs, but people sharing their flesh and blood experience of faith. We have witnessed people trusting God, even in the midst of excruciating pain and suffering. I’m sure like me you have heard people prattle on about what they believe, maybe even vehemently argue about these beliefs. Yet, we find that the meta-movement of the Scriptures has always been the move from words spoken, to a particular way expressed with action. Which means I am less interested in someone just talking about things they intellectually ascend to, and far more interested in engaging in how people’s lives have shown a trust in the Divine.

The move from words spoken, to lives of active trust. The move from Word to Way.

This has been overwhelmingly impactful and moving for Walker Harbor! The stories shared have ignited in others the reality that they too have a story, leading us to better see our collective story. It’s been a brilliant dance that invites life transformation, and I am beyond grateful. I’m grateful for the people who have courageously shared their story and grateful for the lives that have been impacted by these stories.

Your story matters. You are created in the image of the Divine, and that is not to be hidden and stashed away in secrecy, so please share your story. Because your story endlessly points to the story of Grace, of the Divine working to Restore, Renew, and Reconcile all things. That’s Good News, and it is desperately needed in our world today.

May you find yourself moving from words spoken to the Way lived.

Grace & Peace
Wally Harrison
walker harbor campus pastor