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Uganda: Our Siblings Across the World

May 2, 2018


If you’ve ever gone on a global mission trip, you’ve probably learned what I have many times….I go with the intent to serve, but am more blessed and enriched by those in the country that I travelled to.

I actually love that this happens, for many different reasons. One of the reasons is that I am reminded that the Kingdom of Heaven operates differently. For example, how is it that children living in poverty have more joy and contentment than I do? They have less, yet they appear to be richer. Jesus meets everyone right where they are.

My favorite part, however, is that when we step into a different culture/language with eyes to look for the beauty of God, we end up finding that we have more in common with people than we thought. Yes, there are many major cultural differences, but I find that the most powerful and beautiful things that we share are beyond a language barrier.

I saw this when I visited Uganda last year with a team from Fair Haven. We walked in their culture. We took in their beautiful voices. We saw parents love their kids. We saw people laugh together.  I also got to meet my Compassion child name Ruth, which is where I’ll shift my attention.

The last letter that I received from Ruth included her reaction to hearing that my son had been born. I always love communicating with her. This letter struck me as extra special though. She referred to my son as, “my brother baby Lincoln.”  This beautiful Ugandan 8 year old girl feels so connected to my family, that she claimed my son as her brother.  My heart filled up when I read that.

I shouldn’t be surprised with that though. The Ugandan people are the most hospitable that I have ever met. It’s not rare to be called brother or sister by someone there. And I actually believe that they believe it. I believe that they have a better understanding of our connectedness through our Creator and Savior. They understand that we are siblings across the world.

I’m really excited for this Sunday at Fair Haven because our brother, Bishop Stephen Kazimba from Uganda will be preaching! As you listen to our friend inspire us, I want you to consider something big. I (Jordan) am visiting Uganda this December for another mission trip, a visit to my Ugandan siblings. I want to invite you to come on that journey with me. Especially if you sponsor a Compassion child in Uganda, this could be an incredible opportunity to meet your Ugandan sibling and learn from these amazing people.

Please email email hidden; JavaScript is required if you are interested in joining me on my visit to Uganda.

Jordan Stonehouse