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Vision 2020 | Empowered and Unleashed

February 28, 2018


Sunday morning was a riot! New City Kids brought energy and passion to our worship. Their music was amazing, their testimonies were powerful, and their worship was authentic. I was deeply moved when the youngest boy in the group stepped up to the microphone and sang, “My life is not my own. To you, I belong. I give myself to you Lord.” Everything in his voice and presence told me that he was as sincere as a day is long.

What I saw on display Sunday was a young group of teens that needed each other and had given themselves to each other.

I saw a group of teens that were serious about Jesus because Jesus had been so faithful to them.

I saw a group of teens whose potential loomed large.

New City Kids is a ministry that hires teens to make an impact on other teens and children. They teach piano, guitar, and mentor other students. They unleash students to lead the charge for their generation. They are doing what we at Fair Haven are serious about doing. The fourth of our 2020 vision statements is this: We will join the Holy Spirit to empower and unleash our students.

If we actually join the Holy Spirit to empower and unleash our students what kind of ride are we about to get on? Where will that take us? What difference will that make in the lives of our teenagers? How could they be used to reach their generation in ways adults never will? When we turn the keys to the car over to a 16-year old we realize the risk is real and yet we do it. What will we risk to turn the keys of ministry over to our next generation leaders? The risk is real but the potential reward is equally real! And so, we will join the Holy Spirit to empower and unleash our students.

See you Sunday!

Greg VanderMeer