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Vision 2020 | Deeply Invested and Connected

February 21, 2018


It is dark, gloomy, and raining outside. Of course, it is. We live in Michigan. What snow is left is greyish. That’s what happens when it is dark, gloomy and raining in February. However, add to that the news of the Florida school shooting and we have something to talk about. It has us all wondering. It has some standing on a platform declaring what they believe must happen. A quick visit to a social media site is like entering a yelling match. There is little room for dialogue. There is little room for differing opinion. I sat with a group of pastors today and we talked about all of this. We talked. We didn’t all agree but our investment of time and connection to each other drove us to listen and grow. In fact, it left me wondering and longing for so much more.

In a season where dark, gloom, grey, and yelling are just a few words that seem to reflect some of our present culture, who are we to be? When disconnected, un-invested, and shallow seem to speak to what feels like a growing divide, how are we to live? When disconnected, un-invested, and shallow speak way too much to anyone’s existence it’s not good. It’s not right. It’s not the way it is supposed to be.

Is it any wonder that messages about unity and hope are becoming more prominent? Of course not! Is it any wonder good news stories seem to fill us like the dry ground soaking up rain? No way! We long for it. We were made for it. We are wired for it. It’s time to talk about all of this. So, on Sunday we will. On Sunday we will launch the third of our 2020 vision statements: We will deeply invest in and connect to one another.


Greg VanderMeer