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Vision 2020 | No One on the Sidelines

February 14, 2018


When our son, David, was a teenager he had a serious eye injury. I’m not sure what it is about eye injuries that make so many of us squirm, but they do. I have taken a blow or two to the eye and it is painful. David, however, took a blow to the eye that put us in the emergency room. At first, all the surgeon was attempting to do was save his eye. After two surgeries, weeks of recovery and the assurance that he would not lose his eye, we set our sights on him seeing through that eye. There was little doubt that it would be necessary for him to have corrective lenses. Words like 20/50 vision were being thrown around. I can still remember the moment when he took his eye test six months later. I was reading the letters on the wall as he spoke them. He nailed everyone I could read. The doctor said, “David, you have 20/20 vision!” The thought of that moment makes me emotional even as I write this. Vision isn’t everything, but it does matter.

Our 2020 Vision is stirring me and driving what we do. Our statements are bold and large and marked by “we will” language. Last Sunday we launched our new series saying, “We will go wherever, innovate whatever, in order to reach whoever we can.” All we asked is that all of us resist anything in us that resists going wherever, innovating whatever, in order to reach whomever we can. This Sunday our “we will” statement is this: We will fully engage in the mission with no one sitting on the sidelines. Our mission of helping people find their way back to God is not a mission for the few. It is OUR mission. It belongs to each of us and we belong to it. I don’t work where you work. I don’t go to school where you go to school. I don’t live where you live. Our mission is large enough for all of us to live it out where we live, where we go and where we work.

See you Sunday as we leap into our second 2020 Vision statement: We will fully engage in our mission with no one sitting on the sidelines. I think vision matters. I am convinced living into a vision matters even more!


Greg VanderMeer