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Vision 2020 | Uncharted

February 7, 2018


We will be rolling out our 2020 vision in a new sermon series this Sunday! The series is called Uncharted. After months of gaining clarity on our next adventure as a church, we have landed on a vision that is both compelling and challenging. Over the next 6 weeks we will be leaning into 5 statements:

  1. We will go wherever, innovate whatever, to reach whoever we can.
  2. We will fully engage in the mission with no one sitting on the sidelines.
  3. We will deeply invest in and connect to one another.
  4. We will join the Holy Spirit to empower and unleash students.
  5. We will baptize an increasing number of people.

We will go. We will innovate. We will reach. We will engage. We will invest. We will connect. We will join and empower and unleash. We will baptize. Does that sound like an adventure? It will be and it is with great anticipation that I look forward to launching this with you in a few days.

I want to encourage you to fully engage in this series. It is our vision. It is our charge. It is our future that we will be talking about. If you are out of town please make effort to listen to the podcast. Every person who calls Fair Haven home is critical to our moving into uncharted territory together!

For His Glory,
Greg VanderMeer