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Living the Gospel

January 17, 2018


As a parent or grandparent, or even as a teacher or kids leader,  have you ever felt like if the kids are still alive at the end of the day, you’ve won?

Me too. Raising and teaching children and youth is no easy task. Let me offer some tips from the gospel to help guide us: 

  • Be humble: Lay down your life as Jesus did. Serve, forgive and apologize! Living out and modeling the gospel is more caught than taught.
  • Live in transparency: We may tend to fear lack of respect or crossing ‘that line’ between authority figure and friend, but being real and vulnerable with our kids in age-appropriate ways goes a long way. Being transparent may mean you sharing with them a relevant mistake that you made and how you grew from it. Or sharing about a time when you were a kid; use caution with this one though. Be sure to recognize and name the fact that we are NOT living in the same times that these kids are! Insinuating that we know exactly what they are going through and how they are feeling is not only inaccurate but could close doors of communication that we so desperately want to be open.
  • Suffer publicly: I’m not saying post your junk on social media. What I’m suggesting is that it’s important for kids to see and know what causes us pain, again, in age-appropriate ways. Let them see that you trust God in good times and in the bad!

My prayer is that by God’s power and grace, we will live and lead in such a way that we are inspiring the kids in our lives to want to know, follow and trust Jesus more!

Partnering with you,

Lori McCrum
Family Ministries Director