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December 6, 2017


Mark 1:1 says, The beginning of the good news of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.

We talk a lot about good news, especially at this time of the year, as we remember God becoming flesh and living among us. Not only was Christ good news, His good news message was meant to be so much a part of His Church that we become good news to all we meet. Think for a moment, about the words that are used to describe us in the New Testament: ambassador, light, and pleasing aroma are just a few. The thought of us actually being ambassadors of good news, light in the darkness, and a pleasing aroma to those around us is a beautiful picture of what we are meant to be. Perhaps that is why I am so tired of sidewalk preachers high-jacking the good news. There is a dance of truth and love that apparently all the guys I have heard screaming in megaphones forgot to show up to. They may feel they are dancing with truth but leave love at the door and that isn’t truth or love! What’s with all the anger and all the condemnation? What makes me want to say something to them? What stirred my wife at a recent football game to tug at my arm as we passed by a megaphone maniac? I didn’t say anything but if I could have stopped him I would have. That’s not the message of Christ. If a Christian is supposed to emulate Christ, show me once where Christ stood on the corner of a street blasting everybody who walked by. If the message of Christ is good news this guy got it wrong. Even approaching him and having to walk by his tirade felt bad. What was coming out of his mouth felt like, sounded like, and was received by others as bad news. The aroma stunk. The so-called light was annoying.

The good news of Jesus the Messiah is something beautiful and hopeful and powerfully transforming. We are ambassadors, light, and are supposed to smell pretty good! If our lives are to emulate that of Christ, the broken, the hurting, the messed up, the outsider, the confused, the spiritually numb, and the shepherds in the fields and accountants at the firm ought to experience us as good news. When they see us coming they ought to smile. What we say, what we do and how we live has the ability to put Christ on display for the world to see. There is something about this life we live that has the ability make somebody’s day better. The choice to be good news is just that. It is a choice. I say we choose.

Greg VanderMeer
Lead Pastor, Fair Haven Church