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Created with Imago Dei

November 13, 2017


So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. -Genesis 1:27

A lot has been on my mind recently as my wife and I have prepared our home and our hearts for our first born (a son). By the time that you read this, he may be born!

It’s made me think about my life more than ever before.
I’ve both laughed and cried about how beautiful my own journey in life has been.
And it’s crazy to think that my son is just about to begin his journey.
That’s amazing!   

Of all the things packed within my newborn son, here is the most amazing to me…
he bears the Imago Dei: the Latin phrase used in the Genesis 1:27 for “the image and likeness of God”. He is born with the image and likeness of God somehow attached to him. My son will show me a little bit more of what God is like (which makes my heart race).

So clearly becoming a father has focused my attention on the beauty of this Imago Dei.
But I think that God is using this fatherhood thing to refresh my view of the entire world.
Because it is not just my son, but every single person on our planet is born with the imprint of God in them; we are all created in the Imago Dei.

That includes you, the reader. You were created and born with Imago Dei to show the world a fresh look at its Creator.
And not only you, but all people. All people are created to reflect image and likeness of God to the world.

This year, our One Mission will impact the lives of approximately 19,320 children.

Yes, that’s 19,320 children that we will help in some way (which is amazing), but it’s also something else isn’t it? It’s also something much much bigger….
That’s 19,320 Imago Dei to which we can learn something beautiful about God.
That’s 19,320 messages from our God, delivering his love, through his children.
We are supposed to see what God is like through each other.

With all of that said, I have a very difficult question to ask us…
What have we allowed ourselves to see in place of the Imago Dei in people?
Do we look for the beautiful Imago Dei in people or do we only see what’s broken in them?
I think that God is inviting us to see what he sees…his image within people.

I hope that this simple thought will complicate the lines which we sometimes draw between people bearing the Imago Dei.  I hope that some of us will gain a newfound love for the Imago Dei in people whom we currently don’t like. I hope that the category which matters the most to us will become and remain that all people are created with the Imago Dei.

I hope that I will see the Imago Dei, not only in my own son but in all of God’s children.


Sunday is our second Mission Sunday of this year. So many exciting things are happening at these worship services, but I want to give you heads up on one of them: There are currently 42 children at our Compassion partner in Uganda who need a sponsor. You will have the opportunity and blessing of beginning to sponsor one of these Imago Dei. Please pray about if sponsoring a Compassion child is something that God is calling you to. Tables will be set up in the concourse and available before and after both services. We will also be receiving our second mission offering at the 9am Thanksgiving day service on November 23.

You were created with Imago Dei.

See yourself that way and look for that in others.

Jordan Stonehouse