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Grace and Peace Fair Haven!

July 20, 2017


Grace and Peace can be a greeting, and it can be a salutation. But I believe Grace and Peace begin as a way of life, which then adds gravitas to the greeting and salutation. I understand Grace as a gift, unmerited favor, and the very breath in our lungs. You and I exist, we are here today, because of Grace. Peace, by way of the Hebrew word shalom, is wholeness, completeness, and the fulfilling of God’s intended purpose.

Grace and Peace are to be received, embodied, and offered.

Grace and Peace have a deeply personal and intimate dimension, expressed in a palpable gratitude. So when the Apostle Paul opens nearly all of his letters to the New Testament churches, he begins with Grace and Peace. It’s a way of saying, “This is how you came to be, and this is how you are to be known. You are a gift from God, and you are to live as a gift to your community. In you, God is making all things whole and complete, and through you, God desires the same for the community in which you dwell.”

Grace and Peace.

So as I begin my journey with this one church family, known as Harbor Churches, I want to begin by offering Grace and Peace. And my desire, my hope, is that I will embody, behave, and lead in ways that invite us all to experience and embody Grace and Peace.

So to the extension of the church body known as Fair Haven, much Grace and Peace to you and through you.

Wally Harrison, Resident Church Planter