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Small Dreams Kill

May 2, 2017


Nothing kills a church quite like a generic vision. Small dreams kill. A church will die a slow death if the vision of the church is reduced to something as small as being friendly, having a good worship service, or providing good enough programming. Nothing will kill a church quite like reducing its life energy to talking about small things and getting bogged down in the minutia of mundane conversations. There is nothing status quo about what we read of the Church in the book of Acts. Men and women were risking their lives to get the good news about the death and resurrection of Jesus to whomever they could. They believed Jesus was the hope of the world. They knew Jesus empowered them by the Holy Spirit to be agents of change. Many of them gave it all for the cause. The result was exponential growth and countless lives transformed by Christ.

Fair Haven has a history of living into a large vision. Innovation is part of our DNA. We hired a youth pastor decades ago when it was unheard of to hire a full-time youth pastor. Why did we do that? Our vision to reach this community and in particular, the next generation compelled us. We sold our building on 20th and Baldwin in the early 90’s. Why did we do that? We ran out of room and were stirred to relocate in an effort to reach more people in our community. More recently we made a bold decision to go multi-site. The result has been what we prayed for and more. It stretched us. It was and remains difficult work. It has left us scratching our heads more than once and it has resulted in five churches that hit an Easter worship attendance that exceeded our all time high water mark! Even more exciting than that, we baptized 22 people on Easter. Our vision drove us and the Holy Spirit is empowering us to be a part of helping people find their way back to God.

I woke up this morning thinking about our history and our future. We have only just begun and I am grateful. The heartbeat of our church is wrapped up in our willingness to go wherever, and innovate whatever, to reach whoever we can. I heard Craig Groeschel speak of his church what I know to be true about ours, “We will engage in anything short of sin to lead people into growing relationships with Jesus Christ.” Our dream to help more and more people find their way back to God stirs, motivates and compels!


Greg VanderMeer
Lead Pastor, Fair Haven Church