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Vision, Hope, and Resurrection

April 7, 2017


Living without hope is a terrible thing. I have witnessed it in some of the poorest places on earth. I have read about it in books. Most of us have experienced it if only in a very small way. It’s that feeling we get when we think we will never get another chance or never convince someone of something that really matters. It’s that Haitian mother who handed her deathly ill child to me when I was 21-years-old because she had no means to save him.

George Washington said, “Without vision, there is no hope.” Without any picture of a clear future there is no hope. I can’t say for certain but I have a strong inclination he was paraphrasing Proverbs 29:18, Where there is not vision people perish. As we think about vision, and hope, and resurrection, it is surprising to know that the closest followers of Jesus were surprised he didn’t stay dead. I guess that is the way it goes when people die. We expect them to stay dead. We don’t expect them to walk out of the grave we carried them into.

Jesus had a group of students that we refer to as disciples. The disciples anchored their future to Him. Their hope was wrapped up in riding the wave of popularity Jesus was on. That hope came to a crashing halt for them on a cross. Their hope was buried in a tomb that contained the object of their hope and future. And then God did something that tells us hope is never dead and our future no matter how dim it appears never goes pitch black. Jesus was resurrected. Hope burst forth from a grave. They were surprised. Of course they were! Nobody expected hope to resurrect. Nobody expected somebody who was dead to come back to life. Nobody expected the future to get re-written but that is what God did!

Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart; I have overcome.” He is the overcomer. I’m going to sit with that for a while. I invite you to simply think on that for a moment. What could we ever face that is completely void of hope and a future if even the grave cannot contain Him?

Serving the One who called Himself the Resurrection,

Greg VanderMeer

Lead Pastor, Fair Haven Church