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For Now

October 4, 2016


About six weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending the day with a new staff member of the Family Ministries Team.  The first few hours included a tour, sharing our mission, and vision, as well as our deep desire to cultivate a staff culture that is like family.  During the tour and further conversation, I found myself saying ‘for now’ a lot. As a matter of fact, by midday, I had said it at least six times and that is when it struck me.

Our priority and passion for leadership development and likewise, church planting to reach new people, forces us (in a good way) to be okay with ‘for now’.  We are a growing church. A church planting church. A church that desires to raise up the next generation of leaders like Jesus did. A church that takes seriously the great commission to go and make disciples. So that means:

  • Harbor Churches Central Services Staff is moving to the main level, ‘for now.’
  • Fair Haven Intern and Leadership Resident office space will be here, ‘for now.’
  • Because Jamestown Harbor Church is mobile, the Jamestown Staff is occupying the office space over here, ‘for now.’
  • Because we’re planting in Walker soon, we’re making room for the Walker Team to camp out in this office area, ‘for now.’

Undoubtedly, a statement like ‘for now’ may raise anxiety in some people. Ambiguity will do that sometimes, but I look at this way:  this movement is so much bigger than us. We must hold our hands wide open, grasp loosely to ‘our plans’ and seek His!  Jesus said ‘My Father is always at work and I join Him.’ As we live into our call to plant churches, it means we pray hard, plan hard and have a ‘for now’ mindset so the Spirit is able to lead us freely as we join Him in His work.  We live in an ever-changing world. We cannot stay the same and become complacent. There are far too many people groups in this very country and even community that need to meet The Savior we know and love! We have to be willing to be okay with ‘for now’ and trust the One who is establishing His plans for the sake of the world!

I wonder… is there something in your life that you need to be okay with ‘for now’ so that the Father may have His way in and through you for His purposes?


Lori McCrum