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Strategic Focus #1 – Personal Discipleship

February 21, 2014


Jesus rolled out a plan that would change the world forever. His plan remains at the core of the church. His plan included 12 people He called disciples. Jesus made disciples by walking with them, sharing life with them, unpacking truth with them, and modeling the way to live for them. Then, Jesus commissioned His disciples to “Go and make disciples. . .” (Matthew 28:19-20). How we do that matters.

Discipleship is meant to move beyond the classroom and beyond the books we read. No doubt, at the root of the word disciple is the word discipline. Without question disciples are meant to practice discipline. The disciplines of a disciple are such things as reading the bible, prayer, study, application of truth, reflective listening, and worship. However, if the early disciples failed to move beyond their “classroom” and into the world the movement would have stopped.

The movement is not meant to stop. Discipleship happens in the real world with real people in real life situations. Discipleship is relational. It happens in community with others who are walking with each other, sharing life together, unpacking truth together, and modeling the way to live for others. Discipleship happens when we stand with each other, pray for each other, and encourage one another. Discipleship is transformational. In other words, it changes things. It changes you. It changes others. It changes the world.

So, I have two questions. Where are others walking with you, praying for you, and encouraging you? Who are you walking with, praying for, and encouraging? If you can’t answer one or either of those questions, email me today. Let’s figure this out. Disciples who make disciples are used by God to transform this world one person at a time.



Greg VanderMeer
Lead Pastor, Fair Haven Church