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Vision Matters

February 14, 2014


52 years ago a group of visionaries started a ministry called Fair Haven Reformed Church. Many things have changed over those 52 years, including our location. However, one thing has never changed. Our charge to serve this community and world in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not only etched in stone, it is written on our hearts.

God-given vision matters. Without it people perish. With it momentum is gained and lives are changed. About five years ago Fair Haven established a strategic ministry focus called Underway. The priorities that were implemented were at the core of the gospel. Numerous hours, many prayers, and a lot of thought went into the establishing of the Underway priorities. No doubt, most of you reading this had input into them. It is my conviction that God spoke in and through you to guide the direction of this congregation.

Over the next five weeks I will be writing about the content of the Underway priorities as it pertains to our vision. There are three Underway priorities that speak to five things. Those five things are personal discipleship, missional living, leadership development, strategic partnerships, and church multiplication. I am grateful for our past and excited for our future. As the Holy Spirit moves through Fair Haven and as we engage in these five things hearts will be changed, lives will be altered, and God will get glory!


Greg VanderMeer
Lead Pastor, Fair Haven Church